Cardless checkout, real-time settlement

Account-to-account cardless payments built on Open Banking infrastructure. A faster, more secure and easier way to pay.

Instant bank payments, the easier way for your customer to pay

The better way for your customers to pay you, directly from their bank account.

Real-time payments, enhanced customer experience and bank-grade security.

Payments are received instantly and in full to your account – directly from your customers, improving cash flow and reconciliation. Fraud is considerably lower than associated cards and chargebacks are eliminated.

  • Receive payments instantly

    Open banking allows for instant payment transfers between bank accounts, without the need for intermediaries such as payment processors. With open banking, payments can be initiated and completed within seconds, providing businesses and individuals with faster, more efficient payment options. This can greatly improve cash flow and reduce the risk of late payments or transaction errors.

  • No chargebacks

    Compared to traditional payment systems, open banking significantly reduces the risk of chargebacks, since payments are made directly between bank accounts and there are fewer intermediaries involved. This results in faster, more secure transactions, with less risk of disputes or chargebacks.

  • Simple integration

    Simple integration into existing systems with the use of standard APIs and communication protocols. This means that businesses can easily connect their systems to open banking platforms and start offering instant payments and other innovative payment services to their customers. Additionally, since open banking is regulated, there are strict security and compliance measures in place to protect customer data and ensure the integrity of the payment process, which can further simplify integration for businesses.

  • Multiple use-cases

    Multiple use cases and can be used for various payment scenarios, including e-commerce, peer-to-peer transfers, bill payments, payroll, and more. Open banking platforms can also enable businesses to offer customized payment solutions to their customers, such as installment payments, subscription-based payments, and loyalty programs. With the flexibility and efficiency of open banking payments, businesses can create new revenue streams and provide better payment experiences for their customers.

  • Embedded SCA

    Open banking payments have embedded Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), which is a security protocol mandated by the European Union's Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2). SCA requires customers to authenticate themselves using two or more factors, such as a password and a biometric factor like a fingerprint or face scan. This helps prevent fraud and ensures that only authorized individuals can initiate and complete transactions. By embedding SCA into open banking payments, businesses can provide their customers with a secure and trustworthy payment experience while complying with PSD2 regulations.

Turn your phone into a POS terminal

Turn your phone into a mobile terminal and take payments from your customers anytime, anywhere.

Enter the amount you would like to charge your customer to generate a QR code for the payment.

Present the QR code to your customer for them to scan with any smart phone or device.

Once the customer has scanned the QR code they select their bank to open their bank app.

The customer confirms the payment details and the funds are sent instantly.

Pay by link

Payment Link allows you to create a payment link or QR code. You can then send to your customer via email, text or WhatsApp. Once they click the link, they simply select their bank and confirm the payment. They don’t need to register or download any apps, they just need a phone. The payments are 100% secure and verified with Face ID or Touch ID.

Checkout button

Offer your customers an alternative to paying by card. They don’t need to enter any card details, just simply select their bank account provider and confirm the payment through their own banking app.  They don’t need to register or download any apps, they just need a phone. The payments are 100% secure and verified with Face ID or Touch ID.

We are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK and the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) in Singapore. This means we’re required by law to keep your money safe by storing it in accounts held at a low-risk credit institution. These accounts are reserved for customer money, this means your assets are kept in a separate account from the money we use to run the business.

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