Identity verification covered

Full KYC as a service via one simple integration, including ID capture, ID verification, proof of residence, AML screening and ongoing monitoring.

Identity verification should be this easy

One simple integration: increase conversion and improve customer trust with our turn key E-ID compliance platform.

How we verify your customers

Our core verification process

Liveness detection

To complete customer verification, users are asked to upload a selfie. A liveness test helps us identify that we’ve captured an image of a real person in front of a camera, not an automated bot, photo or a mask.

Accurate data extraction

Using biometrical facial recognition technology, we compare the scan captured during liveness detection to the user’s ID document photo. This allows us to confirm that the ID document belongs to the user with over 90% accuracy.

Document authenticity

With OCR technology, we can accurately extract data from 6,500 document types from over 200 countries. Our experts also monitor and manually cleanse data where needed.

Biometrical facial recognition

Our approach uses automatic processes to check the security features of each ID document to make sure it’s genuine. If any discrepancies are found, a manual check is carried out.

Welcome to your all-in-one compliance function

We have turned customer verification on its head; we offer a full suite of products that will allow you to identify your customers no matter what industry you come from. Using Everpay, you can complete your compliance framework all in one place. No more navigating multiple providers for the different aspects of your KYC services.

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